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Eco Fluxx

Eco Fluxx

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What's in Eco-Fluxx? Well, it's got a whole food chain of woodland creatures, from leaves to bears. It's got frogs and snakes and trees and fish and spiders and rabbits and mice and mushrooms and worms. It's got air and water and dirt, and it's got the humans whose pollution can endanger such things. It's got all the standard new rules and actions that make it Fluxx, plus a few new ones that go with the theme, including the Composting rule (which lets you draw from the bottom of the discard pile) and new types of 'eating' goals (which lets you win the game if your Keeper says it eats one of the other Keepers in play).Proceeds from the sale of EcoFluxx supports conservation activism through the EcoFluxx Foundation. - BoardGameGeek

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