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From the archived website:'The Apocrypha system is designed so that the bulk of the players effort will go toward character generation. Once the points are spent and the characters design finalized, the three six-sided die system runs quickly and efficiently during play, so that the director can direct and the players can play without mathematics distracting them from their roleplaying. Every character has access to magic, and technology quite comparable to that used by the players themselves can be had among the scientific races and in the larger cities. Games have an enormous variety of physical setting, from the remote heights of the Palashome Mountains where the Children of Ouliria, sentient cousins of the fiercest birds of prey, hunt freely for booty and trophies of glorious kills, to the equally treacherous streets of Miroc, the urban nightmare that has come of mixing the eleven races under no law but survival of the boldest.'Core book has two parts, 'Book One' and 'Book Two', the latter of which is the directors (game masters) resource. - BoardGameGeek

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