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The universe is about to collapse, and your greatest hope of survival lies in an ancient mysterious artifact, The Ovoid. Whoever controls this "cosmic egg" can shape the birthing of the next universe according to their own agenda. Players are secret agents from a handful of surviving worlds, zipping from planet to planet in an “amnion suit”, a gooey spacesuit with special properties that allows for interstellar travel and planetary landings.

In Chaosmos, each planet has its own envelope of cards, and each time you arrive on a planet, you claim those cards into your hand. When you leave the planet, you leave some cards behind. Due to the situational nature of these cards, knowledge is power, and being able to predict what's in your opponents' hands at any given time is the ultimate advantage. The best players will keep their hand fluid, constantly changing tactics while they search from world to world for The Ovoid, or find a safe place to stash it until the end of the game.

Whoever holds The Ovoid when the new Big Bang occurs will rule the next universe; the rest will perish. The stakes couldn't be any higher.

Premiered at the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas in 2013. Set for release 4th quarter 2013.