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Each player represents a mining company drilling the Earth to get resources. But drilling often request the help of other players (forced or not). Each one therefore moves four drills on the arcs stratum of the planet to successfully implement his mines and extract maximum resources. The Fame points are acquired by spending materials, filling objectives and having majorities of material and money at the end of the game.

Each turn is divided into four phases.

In the first, the players spend resources to choose the order of play of the phases. The last player receives a bonus action. The two vice-presidents of each player are then sent to the other three phases boards.

During the second phase, the players move their drills on the main board in order to trigger the drill of a square and get resources. Each square shows a number which is the value required for triggering a drilling. Once this number is reached by all present on the square drills, drilling is triggered and the sharing of extracted resources takes place.
According to the position of vice-presidents on the board of this phase, a player has one of the following bonuses: corruption to force an opponent drill to move toward the active drill OR the opportunity to engage in sub-contractors to increase the value of a drill.
At the end of the phase, the mines on the main board produce additional resources depending on their location.

During the third phase, the players have more or fewer action points to sell their resources to market, or buy.

Finally, during the fourth phase, players can improve their drills, build mines and buy fame points by spending resources.