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Warhammer: Invasion - Karaz-a-Karak

Warhammer: Invasion - Karaz-a-Karak

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Game description from the publisher:

Karaz-a-Karak is the fourth Battle Pack in "The Capital Cycle" for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game. With three copies each of twenty unique cards (half of which are devoted to the Dwarfs), Karaz-a-Karak is an invaluable expansion for players harboring ancient grudges against past opponents.

This hard-hitting Battle Pack introduces a host of options to players' Dwarf decks, including the powerful Capital Center card that provides an amazingly beneficial text effect...if it remains in play long enough to trigger. Not a Dwarf player? Karaz-a-Karak offers never-before-seen support, tactic, and unit cards for players of all six factions.