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Warhammer: Invasion - Shield of the Gods

Warhammer: Invasion - Shield of the Gods

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Game description from the publisher:

Shield of the Gods is the climactic final Battle Pack in "The Bloodquest Cycle" for Warhammer: Invasion - The Card Game!

The sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different cards) in Shield of the Gods relate the latest chapter of a world at war. Greenskin hordes sweep across the mountains, Chaos cultists seek to corrupt the Empire, and the Dark Elves launch a wave of assaults against their kin in Ulthuan, led by a new legend. Each army gains strength from new units, and the wars gain tactical depth with new support cards and tactics, including the renowned Shield of Aeons!

Meanwhile, while players receive new tools to wage their battles and maneuver their armies, the soldiers of the true creators march forth. The Lizardmen arrive from Lustria to reclaim what is theirs. The neutral race receives consistent, battle-oriented card draw and a new quest that increases the ferocious efficacy of these savage warriors.