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CityTech, 2nd Edition

CityTech, 2nd Edition

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In the year 2784, General Aleksandr Kerensky led the Star League Defense Forces in a mass exodus from the Inner Sphere. Almost three centuries later, the descendants of those men and women returned with a vengeance. Armed with advanced BattleMechs and power-suited infantry, the fearsome warriors known as the Clans cut a swath of destruction through the Inner Sphere, shattering the proud regiments of the Great Houses. Now the armies of the Inner Sphere make their final stand against the invaders in the cities and on the plains of countless worlds, locked in a struggle that will determine the destiny of mankind

CityTech, Second Edition is the intermediate-level game of BattleMech combat. player. Fully compatible with BattleTech, Third Edition, CityTech is a complete game that enables players to use the full range of machines, weaponry and combatants available in the year 3050. This extensive rules set covers everything from powerful Clan OmniMechs to infantry armed with simple rifles, and includes rules for urban combat, anti-'Mech infantry, armored combat vehicles and much more.

CityTech, Second Edition contains: Rulebook and record sheets Two 18" by 22" full-color mapsheets Sixteen unpainted plastic miniatures (some assembly required) Two sheets of full-color counters representing infantry, buildings, vehicles, fire and smoke Dice.

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