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Pathfinder Module LB1: Tower of the Last Baron

Pathfinder Module LB1: Tower of the Last Baron

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A Last Baron infiltration adventure for 5th-level characters. After years of neutrality, the honeyed tongues and diabolical gifts of devil-worshiping ambassadors from Cheliax have finally convinced Baron Vendikon of Andoran to pledge his allegiance to the enemy. Now, as the barons conflicted subjects hastily fortify his position and a reluctant Andoren general marches on the tiny town of Pirens Bluff, a few brave souls must infiltrate the tyrants stronghold and put an end to his treason before one mans arrogance costs hundreds of innocent lives. Tower of the Last Baron is compatible with the worlds most popular roleplaying game. Within youll find information on the lively and strategically important town of Pirens Bluff, Baron Vendikons keep, and the strange beasts and loyal minions that aid the turncoat noble, as well as notes governing the towns many spies and dissidents. This adventure, written by fan favorite Stephen S. Greer, is set on the border between two nations in the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting, but can easily be set in any game world. It can be used on its own or combined with its sequel, Treasure of Chimera Cove, to create an even greater campaign arc.

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