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d20 Megalodon Dwarven Stones

d20 Megalodon Dwarven Stones

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The most powerful predator of this era, the great white shark, would be merely a snack for the mighty Megalodon who lived when monsters roamed the Earth. The largest shark to ever swim the oceans of the world, the enormous Megalodon, ate whales for breakfast, literally! This terror of the deep has been estimated to have been up to 100 feet in length by some scientists. The teeth of these huge beasts could rip through the scales of a dragon like a dagger through a hapless npc. That's the kind of power you want when going into battle. And now you can have it! Our newest Dwarven Stones are made from the teeth of a prehistoric Megalodon that lived between 25 to 1.6 million years ago.

A very limited number of 12mm d20 singles remain. Get yours!

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