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Individual Die - Red Rare

Individual Die - Red Rare

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Rare IronDie have individually customized laser-etching to add an additional layer of beauty and intricacy. Besides being more aesthetically complex, they also grant enhanced abilities in the IronDie game. Each of the 72 different basic IronDice shapes and colors have a rare version. Only one of these special die are found per 9 Expansion Sticks.

IronDie takes Milan's strikingly unique eye for design and combines it with the familiarity of a common game playing piece, creating a set of brightly colored metal dice that are equally suited for playing the IronDie Collectable Dice Game or simply as a regular set of dice that can spark conversation. With their wide range of stunning shapes and brilliant colors, there are always several dice that are just right for each and every customer. IronDice are the perfect high-end accessory for players of RPGs, Miniatures, Card Games, and Board Games of all types.

IronDice are HEAVY and all it takes to make a sale is for a customer to hold in their hand a couple of these unequaled works of art. Every player takes notice when these dice are rolled across the table, and thus word-of-mouth travels very quickly among local game groups, generating even more sales.

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