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This is a strategy game for 2-3 players. It takes place on a 6 sided game board with pieces moving on the triangles. Each player has 4 pawns in the form of dice. The triangular fields of the board are molded so that a corner of a die exactly fits in. The die can be moved from space to space with a simple nudge at the top.Object of the game is to get your 4 dice across the board.PREPARATION FOR THE GAME WITH TWO ? The younger player chooses a color and puts his 4 dice into four edge spaces of his side of the board.WHAT DOES A TURN CONSIST OF?1.) Each turn must be executed completely. One might not skip a part of the turn. You may not move a die less than its actual movement unless you reach the finish without completing your die roll 2.) Dice may not touch. So a die will block 3 spaces. (2 spaces if on an edge.) 3.) If a player has no legal move, he skips his turn.GAME RULES FOR THREE PLAYERS All rules of the normal game for two persons are valid also for the game with three. Additionally you must follow these rules: 1.) Set up is different . See rules for proper 3 person set up.The third and fourth dice of each player may only be moved, when the first and second dice have reached the finish. - BoardGameGeek

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